for work permit and s pass holders
foreign worker medical insurance

what it should cover

• medical insurance coverage of at least $15,000 per year
• covering inpatient care and day surgery
• including hospital bills for conditions that may not be work related.

what we offer

• pre-existing conditions are covered
• no waiting period
• worldwide cover for overseas work-related assignments
• covers work-related injuries in excess of work injury compensation
• covid-19 hospitalisation coverage from Day 1 of arrival in Singapore



• work permit and s pass holder in active service
• age 16 to 75, renewable up to 85 years old


administrative ease

• policy issued on named basis
• online declaration of member movement and claim submission
• quarterly premium adjustment for member movement



• claim is on reimbursement basis
• pro-ration factor of 60% if admitted into private hospital or higher class ward

annual premium

 hospital & surgical Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
 annual policy limit $ 45,000 $ 30,000 $ 15,000
 4/6 bedded government & restructured hospital

with 120 days pre/post hospitalisation/surgery

emergency outpatient treatment (due to accident)

as-charged as-charged as-charged
 outpatient cancer treatment up to $5,000 up to $5,000 up to $5,000
 outpatient kidney dialysis up to $5,000 up to $5,000 up to $5,000
 special grant $ 5,000 (non-accidental)
$10,000 (accidental)
 repatriation as-charged as-charged as-charged
 annual premium per employee (with GST)
 group size 1 to 10 $150.62 $99.80 $86.78
 group size 11 to 20 $127.58 $84.53 $73.50

please call for headcount above 20.

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